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Chemika Expo 2017: about the future of the chemical sector

A discussion forum with the participation of 14 experts and workshops - these and much more is awaiting us during the 8th Scientific and Economic Forum of the chemical industry which will be held on March 23.
Chemika Expo 2015 /fot.: mab / Chemika Expo 2015 /fot.: mab /
Jacek Drożdżal, the president of Chemical Cluster "Green Chemistry” that organizes Chemika Expo, ensures that the event has been tailor-made to suit the needs and expectations of all interested entrepreneurs.  On March 23, 2017 theoretical experts and practitioners of the chemical and chemistry-related sectors will be gathered in one place to interact with entrepreneurs who use chemical innovations in improving their products and services and the representatives of local authorities and business-focused institutions.
This year's theme has been formulated as "International actions as a corporate growth driver. Modern materials and recycling as a chance of development for innovative companies and local government units". 
The discussion panels and lectures will focus inter alia on business cooperation under projects and investments based on Strategy for Sustainable Development, the assumptions underlying smart specializations as support for investment and growth in the region, and Polska 3.0 project seen as a new development and cross-border exchange direction from the perspective of corporate innovation development. Fosfan and Evergreen Solutions (local companies), as well as Flukar from Katowice will talk about their experience in processing waste materials to manufacture new products.  
Among the speakers there are: Jacek Wójcikowski, Director, COIE Marshal's Office, Michał Przepiera, Deputy President of the city of Szczecin, Mirosław Warenik, development director, Fosfan S.A. Siarkopol S.A., Tomasz Chabelski, vice president of the management board, Evergreen Solutions, Grzegorz Nieradka, Flukar sp. z o.o.
Polish entrepreneurs will also be able to learn more about effective methods of obtaining resources from waste materials based on the example of circular economy, and about recycling and innovation in local authorities as seen from the Swedish perspective (speaker: Bengt Malmberg, the director of Sustainable Business HUB Malmö). Viktar Barsukou, the Director of Grodno House of Science and Technology in (Belarus), will discuss Eastern markets innovation and good prospects for cooperation and business. 
In addition, the following issues will be covered: support of internationalization - RCIiTT services and the Enterprise Europe discussed by Paweł Żebrowski, the head of the environmental protection division of the Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, and good practices in international cooperation of science and business referring to the examples of CORNET and Horizon 2020 projects (covered by Jacek Drożdżal, the president of the Chemical Cluster "Green Chemistry").
Chemika Expo will include workshops on new trends and technologies in innovative recycling and the future of packaging materials, with expert input from Professor Zenon Tartakowski, PhD, and Professor Artur Bartkowiak, PhD, representing West Pomeranian University of Technology.  A cross-border cooperation exchange will be run all throughout the Forum.
Chemika Expo is organized by West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster "Green Chemistry" in cooperation with West Pomeranian University of Technology, Centre of Bioimmobilisation and Innovative Packaging Materials, the Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, the Municipal Office in Szczecin as well as foreign institutions mentioned above. 
For more information, please go to the website for the event: If you would like to take part in the discussion panel, you need to register here:
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