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Kaare Nordbo, Regional Representative of Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Kaare Nordbo /mab/  Kaare Nordbo /mab/

Kaare Nordbo (45) is a Chairman and CEO of Segel Polska, a subsidiary of Segel Norway.

Additionally, he runs his own business named Nordbo Enterprises. His experience includes cooperation on investments, real property trade and personnel recruitment with Norwegian companies.

In 1994, he came to Poland where he managed production companies in Szczecin, Torgelow Germany and Gdańsk for Norwegian businesses. Prior to coming to Poland, he had been a technical manager and market director in Selantic as Selje, Bergen, Norway.
His education includes ship construction and maritime engineering in Technical University of Trondheim. Apart from Norwegian, he speaks Polish, German and English.

He is married with three children aged 8, 4 and 1.


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