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Marianna Grzelak, President of PKP Cargo Wagon-Szczecin

Marianna Grzelak /SG/ Marianna Grzelak /SG/

She comes from the region of Włocławek, Central Poland. She studied sea transport at Szczecin University of Technology, but from the very outset of her professional career, which started in 1984, she has been connected with the railways. At first she worked in Szczecinek, then in Białogard, and finally, in 2001, took up her position in Szczecin.

Since 1990 she has held many managerial positions dealing either with economic matters or with human capital management. Before accepting the post of the President of PKP Cargo Wagon – Szczecin on 01 March 2009, she was the Vice President for business matters in another PKP Cargo company. Currently she also fills the function a management board member of CNR Cargo Wagon Sp. z o.o. Apart form her studies at Szczecin University of Technology she has also completed a post-graduate course of studies in marketing, management and accounting.

She enjoys spending her free time actively - she likes cycling, swimming and gardening. She also devotes a lot of time and energy to her three grandchildren.

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