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Katarzyna Opiekulska, Managing Director, LSJ HR Group

Katarzyna Opiekulska /fot.: ak / Katarzyna Opiekulska /fot.: ak /
Katarzyna Opiekulska, the head of LSJ HR Group, has authored a number of ideas regarding projects addressed to a variety of employee groups.
“Młodzi na start” (Start for the Youth) is the newest one she has implemented on the labor market in West Pomerania, with the objective to support young people commencing their professional careers. It included 39 workshops delivered among others by representatives of renowned West Pomeranian companies, attended by 1,650 participants. 
Mini CV
Katarzyna Opiekulska was born in Gryfino. She studied sociology and career counselling in Szczecin. After graduation, she worked three years in England, where she cooperated with a number of language schools. She became their representative on the Polish market where, together with her partner, Ireneusz Sozański, she opened a business named Londyńskie Szkoły Językowe s.c.
Initially (from 2002 on) the firm recruited students for UK language schools. Since 2004, it has been operating as an employment agent.  LSJ HR Group has been gradually expanding its offer with a broad range of HR services, to include organization of courses, support in implementation of HR strategies in firms and comprehensive advisory services.  Initially, the core business of LSJ included mostly foreign recruitment. At present, the number of local recruitment projects has been growing on a regular basis.
How is the business doing?
Both recruitment and advisory services market has been growing rapidly.  Increasing awareness of managers translates into frequent use of diversified HR management services.  It arises both from the current market standing (the employee market) which focuses on employee’s needs, and from the need to build the corporate image, which has become a priority.
* - Awful. ** - Poor. *** - Medium. **** - Good. ***** - Wonderful!
What is your inspiration?
Enthusiastic and open people, full of ideas and interested in continuous improvement. 
I am an aesthete; I love beautiful gardens and refined interior design which may shape our reality.  I love cooking and organizing parties. 
Relaxing in Villa-Park Wisełka, an atmospheric place in Wisełka. 
Further, I find inspiration in travels and people I meet, representing a variety of social groups and cultures.  Usually I travel in Europe, but I have been attracted by more distant places, like Thailand or China, too.  I dream of a trip to India. 
I love animals, participate in all animal charity events. I have a dog and three cats, all of them foster pets. 
I read:
Books that support development, mostly documentaries, providing me with important and practical information. 
I listen to:
Fismoll, Let's Play Birds
In the web, I visit:  - this is where I look for cooking ideas. I recommend in particular the halva and cheese cake recipe; wonderful!
Interior design websites, such as Weranda – interesting interviews with medium and top level managers regarding company and HR management.
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