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After Hours 2017-11-27

WAGC - The Magnificent Seven

The finals of the World Amateur Golfers Championship are over. The golf players who will represent Poland during the unofficial world cup in Kuala Lumpur to take place in November are already known.
 /fot.: fot. Jarosław Gaszyński / /fot.: fot. Jarosław Gaszyński /
They were selected at Binowo Park golf course last Saturday, during the last round of the finals which took place after two days of games played in Binowo and Modry Las courses. The best results were achieved by: Filip Płaszczykowski (HCP 0-5), Rafał Majchrzak (6-10), Wojciech Adamczyk (11-15), Michał Muchajer (16-20), Przemysław Kretowicz (21-25) and Agnieszka Sabaj (26-36). Mariusz Czerkawski won in the Celebrities category.
Winning the World Amateur Golfers Championship is not easy. First you need to qualify for the finals by achieving high scores in local tournaments. WAGC allows amateurs to play against golfers from all over Poland. The finals themselves are most difficult - they last three days and are played on two courses. 
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