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Krzysztof Proszowski, director of Impel Security Polska branch in Szczecin

Krzystof Proszowski /fot.: ak / Krzystof Proszowski /fot.: ak /
Krzysztof Proszowski manages the branch of Impel Security which has been headquartered in Szczecin for 10 years now. This year was quite busy for the company - several new contracts have been signed, such as those for protection services at PKP railway stations, Corso shopping mall in Świnoujście and large wind farms.
The Impel branch located in Szczecin focuses on protection of mass events. So far, Impel security officers from Szczecin were responsible for safety during mass events such as Stargardzka Noc Kabaretowa, Athlete Meeting in Międzyzdroje and Optimist World Championship in Dziwnów. “Next year we are planning to strengthen our footprint in the market,” promises Krzysztof Proszowski.
Mini CV
Krzysztof Proszowski is a graduate of Szczecin Technical University, the faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication. He also completed MBA studies at the West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin. After graduation he worked for Computerland – a company focused on implementation of software and databases. Then for seven years he occupied managerial positions in the Szczecin Branch of Telekomunikacja Polska. Afterwards he took up the challenge of managing the Szczecin branch of Clar System (sector of protection and site services).
Krzysztof Proszowski joined Impel in December 2012 , and  since 2013 he has been the head of the Szczecin branch. His top priorities include the restructuring of the branch and gradual reinforcement of its position in the local protection services’ market.
How would you describe the current condition of the industry?
This is the game-changing time.  Companies are fighting for customers, they use various employment forms.   The customer wants to pay as little as possible, which affects the pay. The unfavourable circumstances cause that prices for services are frozen and are inadequately low when compared with the efforts and responsibility involved. We are at the moment of transition – a change has to come to cure the security services sector.
Impel has launched a campaign for consistent restoration of quality in the industry.   It is crucial to develop a mechanism based on which man-hours under tenders are higher than the minimum pay.  We want to demonstrate our customers what the western Europe is already aware of, namely that security services are specialized and require high qualifications as well as experience.    Customers must be realize that they buy full-value products.
The end of the year is dominated by one theme – contract indexation. The new legal regulations which take effect as from 01 January 2016 will cause a considerable increase of labour costs and by implication, the costs of our services. Consequently, all our contracts need to be renegotiated. I hope that the majority of our talks will end in success and only a few contract will need to be terminated, as required under the law.
* - Awful. ** - Poor. *** - Average. **** - Good. ***** - Perfect!
What is your inspiration?
The management sphere – what inspires me is Winning - the management bible by Jack Welch.
Privately, I am inspired by the universe, the outer space. I am interested in what is yet impenetrable – the black holes, stars and where we come from.
I read, listen to, watch:
I read professional literature, not only on the topic of management or business negotiations, but also about body language. I could recommend the book entitled Body Language by Allan and Barbra Pease to anyone.
Sea chanties – my avid interest in this kind of music has made me take up sailing, I like, for instance Mechanicy Shanty “Powrót”, EKT Gdynia “Piosenka dla mojej dziewczyny”, Smugglers “Szkuner I’am Alone”, Ryczące Dwudziestki “Hiszpańskie dziewczyny”
Ryczące Dwudziestki - "Hiszpańskie dziewczyny"
Polish rock music – songs by Lady Pank, Perfect, Budka Suflera, Maciej Maleńczuk; Dżem, Kult; I like it when there is some meaning to the lyrics. 
Musical comedians, such as Andrzej Poniedzielski, Artur Andrus
When I watch a movie, I like to be amused, or scared, so my favourite comedies and thrillers include: Just Cause with Sean Conner, Seven Pounds, Gladiator, Skazany na bluesa, Wkręceni, Kołysanka, but also timeless Polish classics, such as Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową, Kogel-mogel, Sami swoi, Vabank.
Just Cause - trailer (1995)

Football has always been my cup of tea; I am an avid fan of the Premiership, the Spanish and the Polish leagues – I support Pogoń Szczecin.
Sailing – it is an adventure for me and an ideal way to relax without phones or emails, I have taken two Baltic cruises.   
Fishing – whenever I have some spare time (I haven’t had any recently though) – I like to sit quietly and contemplate the world from a different perspective … 
When online, I visit:
Information portals, such as Puls Biznesu, Forbes – obligatory 
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Geographica Expeditions – fanpage about sailing hosted by captain Michał Brennek
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