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Jarosław Kotarski, Director of Unity Line

Jarosław Kotarski, Director of Unity Line /fot.: ak / Jarosław Kotarski, Director of Unity Line /fot.: ak /
So far, 5 million passengers have used the services of Unity Line – a company led by Jarosław Kotarski and a member of the Polsteam (Polska Żegluga Morska) capital group.  This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the company. 
Unity Line manages the operations of five cargo and two passenger ferries.  The ferries are owned by Polsteam and Euroafrica Shipping Lines. The annual volume on the routes between Świnoujście and Ystad and Świnoujście - Trelleborg exceeds 340 thousand passengers and 250 thousand truck drivers, which makes Unity Line the most important carrier en route from Poland to Scandinavia.   The company employs 130 onshore staff and 460 sailors.
Mini CV
Jarosław Kotarski is a graduate of the Maritime University in Szczecin specializing in port and fleet operation. He has been connected with Polsteam since 1993.  First he filled the function of an operator and then a chartering agent in the Tramping Division. He spent 6 years managing Polhansa Shipping GmbH in Hamburg. Before taking up his current position in January 2010, he worked as vice-director of the Division of fleet operation at Polsteam.
His professional objective is to increase and modernize the fleet, increase the volume of transport and maintain the company’s position on the ferry transportation market.
How is the business doing?
The business climate on the ferry transportation market has been favourable for the past several years.  The volumes of both passenger and truck transport are growing, despite the competition – TT Line from Germany entered the market more than a year ago.
* - Awful. ** - Poor. *** - Medium. **** - Good. ***** - Wonderful!
What is your inspiration?
In my professional life I tend to be pragmatic and respond to what is happening around me. The engagement of the people I have the pleasure to work with can be seen as my inspiration.
Passions and hobbies
Work – I have many duties and I like what I do.
A good book – during holidays I often read crime novels, usually I choose from amongst the latest bestsellers such as The Admirer or The Shadow Games by Charlotte Link. I enjoy biographies of historic figures – I always want to learn more about how different mechanisms affect human mind and behaviour.  I also like books about World War II and Warsaw Uprising.
Music – I am fond of rock music from 1960s - 1980s and the blues - I especially like to listen to such music when driving. Bands: The Animals, America, Beach Boys, AC/DC; certain songs by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Elvis Presley, Bryan Ferry. When driving, I often listen to radio stations that play classical music.
America - "A Horse with no name"

Movies – the classics that I like very much include: One Flew Over The Cockoo’s Nest with the brilliant role of Jack Nicholson, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and Wall Street with Michael Douglas.
Travels – I like the south of Europe, especially Italy – I try to go there at least every other season. My wife and I have visited the mountain lake of Garda in Sirmione in northern Italy twice. I like the coastal region of Poland  , especially the town of Międzywodzie.  I am partial to Mazury Lake District - MIkołajki and smaller villages alike. 
I go skiing every season, and recently I have been going skiing to Italy with my family. 
Free time with my family: going out to restaurants or the cinema, quick trips to the seaside, walking in the woods, 
When online, I visit:
Information portals such as and
Trade Winds – a portal about sailing, sea transport and shipping – website about seafaring, also about ferries
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