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Tadeusz Tomasik, Director of the Szczecin branch of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Tadeusz Tomasik /mab/ Tadeusz Tomasik /mab/

Tadeusz Tomasik is 55. He comes from Boleszkowice (Southern part of Zachodniopomorskie region). He is a graduate of Poznań University of Economics and post-graduate studies in banking at the Warsaw School of Economics.

He has been the director of the Szczecin branch of BGK since October 2009. Earlier, for 17 years he had worked at Bank Handlowy/Citibank. He participated in establishment of a branch in Gorzów Wielkopolski and eventually became Director of the Corporate Centre. Before the work at bank, he had dealt with insurance and worked in government administration.

Tadeusz Tomasik is a voluntary representative of the Mayor of Gorzów for finance. He is the chairman of the management board of Zachodnie Centrum Gospodarcze w Gorzowie, a foundation which supports enterprise among the young.

After work, Tadeusz Tomasik relaxes in his home-garden. He is often seen in the audience of the Teatr Polski theatre and the Czarny kod rudy cabaret. As an ex-sportsman (he used to be a cross-country runner) he is a keen speedway enthusiast and occasionally plays golf.
Tadeusz Tomasik has two sons: Grzegorz is a student of economy in Australia. Igor studies national security in Szczecin.


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