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Łucja Kalkstein, Regional Representative of Scandinavian – Polish Chamber of Commerce

Łucja Kalkstein /fot.: ak / Łucja Kalkstein /fot.: ak /
Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) includes 62 West Pomeranian companies, mostly Scandinavian and Polish ones related to the Scandinavian market.
SPCC organizes seminars, conferences (e.g. Scandinavian Days), and events providing information on possibilities of obtaining funding or new tax regulations. Further, it organizes meetings in firms that provide them with opportunities to meet members of the Chamber, present their business profiles and share experience regarding business operation in Poland. 
Social events, such as crayfish dinners, golf games or Midsummer Eve are an important factor integrating SPCC members.
Łucja Kalkstein represents SPCC before third parties, establishes relationships and organizes meetings of its members. 
Mini CV
Łucja Kalkstein was born in Szczecin. She graduated from Warsaw School of Economics and upon return to Szczecin, in 2000, joined Porta Holding S.A. where she worked in the finance office two years before the shipyard’s bankruptcy.  “This was a valuable although traumatic experience”, she recalls.
She has been cooperating with Scandinavian (mostly Danish) companies since 2003, when she founded Demex Electric Sp. z o.o. (a subsidiary of Danish Demex Electric a/s, later acquired by KK Electronic). In 2004, in cooperation with Jens-Christian Møller, she founded BIC Electric, where she has been working as CFO and Management Board member. 
She commenced cooperation with SPCC as a representative of BIC Electric.  Since 2014, she has been the Regional Representative of SPCC, having replaced Kaare Nordbo, who had opened the SPCC office in Szczecin in 2009.
How is the business doing? 
The market is quite good.  The standing of export market companies has improved as a result of a recovery in the EU member states.  Shortage of well-qualified staff remains the key problem.  Of course, the recovery cannot be compared to the boom preceding the global crisis a few years ago, and the situation is still uncertain, also due to the current political standing.
* - Awful. ** - Poor. *** - Medium. **** - Good. ***** - Wonderful!
What is your inspiration?
Szczecin: good restaurants, interesting cultural events and beautiful boulevards along the Odra River. 
Running a farm in Denmark (in the middle of Jutland near Give).
Trips to Asia: Singapore, Malaysia (Penang Island), Burma.
I read, listen to, watch:
Books:  Evan Osnos "Age of Ambition", A.D. Miller "Snowdrops", Daniel Kahneman "Thinking Fast and Slow".
The Economist: in hard copies and on line; my source of information on politics and economics, including recommendations regarding books.
@WWF and @Greenpeace as a source of useful suggestions how to become less harmful to the planet Earth.
@Al Jazeera English hot news, but from a perspective different from our Europocentric view. – an on-line magazine published by Dolce & Gabbana, for those who love Sicily and Italy, Italian cuisine and fashion. Sometimes a source of interesting suggestions regarding new pop, electro or Indian music. – the source of music not broadcast by radio stations; Deezer and Spotify also offer an interesting alternative.
Weekend sections of Danish newspapers: Børsen, Jyllands Posten and Berlingske, which provide useful hints regarding travels around the world and cultural events in Denmark.
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