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Barbara Bartkowiak, President of the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation

Barbara Bartkowiak /SA/ Barbara Bartkowiak /SA/

Business institutions managed by Barbara Bartkowiak (Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation and POLFUND Loan Guarantee Fund) provide entrepreneurs with access to the highest loan funds and loan guarantees in Poland, risk capital funds, business angel networks, training, advisory and pro-innovative services.

In 1974- 1988, Barbara Bartkowiak was an employee of the National Bank of Poland and in 1989-1996 of Pomorski Banku Kredytowy S.A. as department director-member of the management board, vice-chairperson of the management board and then chairperson of the management board.

She is the co-author of the Polish system of financial institutions and training and advisory institutions supporting development of businesses in Poland. She created a number of local and national schemes supporting businesses and development of innovative economy. Since 1997, she has been the co-author and she has implemented the larges financial systems in Poland (loan and guarantee funds) as well as training and advisory programmes for micro- small and medium enterprises.

Barbara Bartkowiak has received numerous awards for supporting businesses. She is the author of many publications and books devoted to loans for companies, alternative sources of financing and support of innovation.


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