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Arkadiusz Wójcik, CEO and co-owner of Unibaltic

Arkadiusz Wójcik /fot.: Unibaltic / Arkadiusz Wójcik /fot.: Unibaltic /
The shipowner company lead by Arkadiusz Wójcik has extended the contract with the Azoty Capital Group for three subsequent years and purchased two more ships, thus increasing its fleet to ten.  The firm is planning to expand its business winning more Mediterranean counterparties.
Unibaltic has specialized in sea transport of liquid chemicals and loose cargo.  It employs 33 office staff and 250 ship crew members.
Mini CV
Arkadiusz Wójcik is a graduate of Maritime University in Szczecin. Right after his graduation, he spent three years working as a deck department officer with Reksten AS, a Norwegian shipowner.
Later he worked as a forwarder and ship agent.  In 1996 he joined Polsteam Oceantramp, a company from the Polska Żegluga Morska Capital Group, where he worked in the operation and chartering department. 
Later, he was in charge of sea transport logistics at Porta Petrol Fuel Terminal in Świnoujście. 
In 2002, with Czesław Kowalak, he co-founded Unibaltic.  The firm’s branch in Gdynia was opened three years later. 
How is the business doing?
** / ***
We have been experiencing problems.  In 2008, the sea transport market saw a serious breakdown.  The year 2009 was the toughest our company ever had.  Since 2010 the market has been recovering.  Growing freight rates are the good signal; we renew our contracts with rates three to seven percent higher than before. 
* - Awful. ** - Poor. *** - Medium. **** - Good. ***** - Wonderful!
What is your inspiration?
As a professional, I feel inspired by large, well-managed companies and their managers.  The company CCC with Dariusz Miłek, its owner and CEO, who has developed it to a considerable size and built its image both on domestic and foreign markets, is a good example. 
Further, I am inspired by the people I cooperate with, those who, despite tough times, have demonstrated their loyalty, reliability and honesty.  Hard-working, low-profile people. 
My passions: 
Golf: for a year I have been an active player and learner; to me, it is a source of relaxation and great satisfaction. 
Sports: badminton and spinning in winter, biking and golf in summer. 
Travelling to the south of Europe, in particular to Spain. At least once a year I go there with my family for vacation. I like the
local food, wine, landscape and beaches. 
I read:
“The English Girl”, the thirteenth title in Gabriel Allon series, as well as other books by Daniel Silva, an American author of
espionage novels. 
I watch:
Polish movies
I listen to:
Polish music: the group Perfect (since boyhood), Patrycja Markowska, Agnieszka Chylińska, Ania Dąbrowska
Perfect, Nie płacz Ewka
In the web, I visit:
European Tour – where you can monitor top level golf games on an ongoing basis – a source of business information. – information on currency exchange rates and stock exchange. 
Trade Winds – a publication devoted to ship industry.
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