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Laura Hołowacz, Director and CEO of CSL Internationale Spedition

Laura Hołowacz, Director and CEO of CSL Internationale Spedition
 /fot.: ak / Laura Hołowacz, Director and CEO of CSL Internationale Spedition /fot.: ak /
This year, CSL completed the renovation of the Stara Rzeźnia building. Today, it is the new seat of the company and the Stara Rzeźnia Euroregion Cultural Center. Also the image of CSL has been changed – the company has a new logo, website and customer relationship management policy. Implementation of an integrated online enterprise management and B2B customer relationship management system will be its key project next year.
Mini CV
Laura Hołowacz graduated from the faculty of transport economics (specializing in car transport) at the Szczecin University of Technology. Her entire subsequent professional carrier has focused on the shipping industry. She worked at the cargo department of C.Hartwig service.
Then she established CSL. The company was co-founded by Edward Osina, the owner of Calbud, as well as Stanisław Kordyka and Jan Kackowski. When the company launched its business it employed eight people. At present, along with the branches in Świnoujście and Gdynia, it has more than 50 employees. CSL will be celebrating its 18th anniversary on 2 February. The company is constantly growing. Today, it is recognized for one of the strongest customs agencies on the Polish market.
How would you describe the current conditions in the industry?
This year has been a bit weaker for the industry. The last six months have been particularly disturbing for the shipping industry due to a considerable drop in freight rates. Such a situation is good for the clients but at the same time it means the necessity to work for rates lower than the level of operating expenses for shipowners and forwarding agents. The freight rates have been rising slowly but they are still insufficient to offset such expenses. This will bring about changes in availability of services, both in terms of prices and the supply of ships on the global market. The prices of services are already on the rise and the supply of cargo is increasing.
How is your company doing?
Our operations are affected largely by the economy of Poland and Europe. Our clients are located here and our success depends mainly on their success. This year we have seen a several percent drop in our revenue, primarily as a result of a reduced quantity of certain groups of goods that we handle. However, our performance may still be considered good and the number of our business partners and clients has been growing.
* - Absolute pits. ** - Weak. *** - Average. **** - Good. ***** - Perfect!
What inspires you?
Professionally – other business entities operating in the industry, which have been particularly successful on the market, such as Enterprise Logistics, Pol-Agent, C.Hartwig or Terramar.
Privately – my family.
Travel – when I do not have too much time to spend, I focus on the attractions available in Szczecin, for instance Jasne Błonia, the beauty spot near the Szmaragdowe Lake, the marinas or Wały Chrobrego. I also love Nowe Warpno, Stepnica, Karsibór and Świnoujście. I can talk for hours about Poland as I like it a lot. I am interested in geography, history and people. I go on a few days’ trip at least once a year. I am inspired by Gołuchowo and Izabela Działyńska, born as Czartoryska, who used to live in that castle. As for Europe, I have recently discovered Portugal and Spain. I love Indonesia.
The castle in Gołuchowo

I read, listen to and watch:
Books – Sedinum by Leszek Herman and a publication of Krystyna Łyczywek documenting details of her trip to Paris [title?]. What interests me is books about Szczecin, its culture and traditions, including Junak i Edward Kurowski and Okiem kolekcjonera, czyli głosujcie na śledzia by Alek Pawlak, Kapitanowie 2 by Krystyna Pohl and Kapitan kapitanów by Marek Koszur. I also frequently read books written by Stanisław Grzesiuk, such as Boso ale w ostrogach. I love the writing of Joanna Rajch, a Szczecin author. I have recently begun to read Wyspa szczęśliwych dzieci, a book by Kazimierz Ludwiński which documents his travel memories.
When it comes to films, I have recently been fascinated by Susudata, which is a film symphony depicting Szczecin. Sometimes I watch the 70 films for the 70th anniversary of Szczecin series. I also like romantic comedies. I would like to see Listy do M. 2 in the cinema this year.
Breaking the Waves, a European drama, is one of my favorites.
Music – I am a great enthusiast of classical music and the opera, e.g. the Black Swan or the Masquerade, which has recently been performed at the Castle Opera. I love listening to music at the Szczecin Różanka, by Baltic Neopolis Orchestra or by Ryszard Leoszewski. Music plays an important role in my life, it denotes a happy time for me.
Baltic Neopolis Orchestra and Carmine Lauri - part of the concert in the Trafostacja Sztuki

When online, I visit:
I use the Internet at work to search for information about the economy and the industry.
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