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Marcin Galicki, founder and CEO of

Marcin Galicki, founder and CEO of /fot.: / Marcin Galicki, founder and CEO of /fot.: /, a Polish crowdfunding platform established by Marcin Galicki in 2011, has been involved in securing almost PLN 5 million to finance the implementation of creative ideas.
This year’s successful initiatives of the company also include the collection of more than PLN 600 thousand for a single project, which is the highest amount secured in this way on record in Poland, in addition to implementation of an upgraded 2.0 version of
As we have always been open to the suggestions and comments made by our users, this year we made a decision to build the website as if “from scratch”, to make it even more intuitive and innovative. We have implemented the major part of improvements identified as top priorities by our authors and supporters, and made every effort to ensure that the graphic design is stunning, says Marcin Galicki about the changes. is a place in the network where anyone can present their ideas and find sponsors so that they may be put into practice. Authors are also provided with tools facilitating promotional campaigns in social media.
Mini CV
Marcin Galicki graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Public Relations at the Koszalin University of Technology and WSB University in Szczecin, respectively. He worked as a marketing manager in addition to organizing cultural and music events. For five years he was the organizer of Burn Your Hate, an event aimed at promoting alternative music and urban sports.
Fascinated by the culture of cooperation and the idea of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding around the world, he decided to push forward the idea in Poland and create, as he calls it, the first fully professional platform where funding is secured for the creative by a creative team of coordinators. At, Marcin Galicki is in charge of growth strategy implementation in addition to supervising the company’s marketing and PR activities. He holds shares in the company and is a majority shareholder of Grupa Sp. z o.o.
After hours, he is a vocalist of Cruentus – an industrial metal band from Szczecin.
How would you describe the current conditions in the industry?
At present, they are still average as our social awareness of what crowdfunding is and what possibilities it offers as a tool not only for securing funds, is still low. I would even call it ignorance. However, we are making every effort to ensure that during our next interview, say in a year’s time, I can say the situation is perfect.
* - Absolute pits. ** - Weak. *** - Average. **** - Good. ***** - Perfect!
What inspires you?
Development of new technologies and the widespread phenomena emerging in the media, also social ones.
Good quality advertisements – as a born marketer, I delight in perfect, possibly controversial advertisements that break with the long-standing conventions.
Good cartoons, fantasy books and heavy music.
I read, listen to:
Hejtoholik by Michał Wawrzyniak is the book that I am currently reading. It was part of the record campaign at, which I have already mentioned. Michał Wawrzyniak, the author, discusses the widespread phenomenon of hate, mainly in the network, in addition to addressing the question of how to oppose it, which he does using common language but gets to the point.
I love reading classic fantasy books and industry studies on a day-to-day basis.
When not playing with Cruentus, I like listening to heavy music, such as that played by Meshuggah, Mastodon, Deftones, Textures, Baroness or Alice in Chains.
Cruentus – Neuro City Agenda
Textures – Awake
When online, I visit:
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