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Klaus Roppel, CEO of Drobimex

In August Klaus Roppel celebrated two anniversaries: the 10th anniversary of working for Drobimeks and his 65th birthday.  Among the first decisions that he took after assuming his position was to restore the brand name of Drobimex (for some time the products manufactured by the Szczecin facility were sold under the Wiesenhof brand).
Klaus Roppel, CEO of Drobimex /fot.: Jarosław Gaszyński mat. Drobimex / Klaus Roppel, CEO of Drobimex /fot.: Jarosław Gaszyński mat. Drobimex /
Drobimex is currently among the most important poultry manufacturers in Poland.  Its exportation to European markets is continually increasing (today it accounts for approx.  30% of the sales). At present the company’s offer includes about 80 kinds of various types of sliced meats and the volume of monthly sales reach approx. 1 thousand tons. Drobimex also sells approx.  3300 tons of various meat.   
Over the last three years the company carried out major extension and modernization projects concerning the Goleniów and Szczecin plants (costing in total more than PLN 200 million). The area of both plants increased by over 9 thousand sqm.  As part of the investment project, modern production lines, freezers, packaging and storage rooms and docking stations were built.
When Klaus Roppel took the position of the chairman of the management board, Drobimex was an average-sized poultry abattoir (approx. 100 thousand chickens a day). Now it is among the most important poultry manufacturers in Poland – about 150 thousand of chickens are slaughtered every day and the company plans to increase the output up to 190 thousand by spring 2018.
Mini CV
Klaus Roppel is a building construction engineer and for the past 26 years he has been working for Wiesenhof, the leading German poultry brand, one of the largest poultry manufacturers in Europe. He has filled the function of the chairman of the management boards of Geflügelkontor GmbH, a company selling poultry under the Wiesenhof brand in Germany, for the past 12 years.  He has spent the last 10 years with Drobimex, with almost 9 years in the top leadership position. Both entities are members of the PHW capital group.
How’s the business been?
**** − Good.
The share of exportation is on the rise, mainly due to our extensive and successive investments in modernization and extension of our facilities. Our products are popular with consumers in many countries, as far as Asia. 
*− Hopeless. ** − Poor. ***− So-so. **** − Good. ***** − Excellent!
What inspires me:
Professionally, I am inspired by the growth of Drobimex which is now one of the leading poultry and food processing companies in Poland. Privately, I recharge my batteries at weekends by pursuing physical activities and spending time with my family. 
After hours:
In my free time I cook and do a lot of sport - I go running, cycling or bowling.
Whenever I have some spare time - which, unfortunately, is not very often - I cook, so recently I have been reading books devoted to the art of cooking, with a special focus on poultry, e.g. Feine Geflügelküche.
I listen to:
Peter Gabriel “Don't give up”
Simon & Garfunkel “Sound of Silence”, Bee Gees, Rammstein
I unwind watching the news, sports and nature programmes. 
The Schindler’s List is one of the movies that has left a lasting impression on me. 
I visit
industry-specific portals and find there information that is useful for me in my professional dealings, such as - our group portal.
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