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Krzysztof Wojtowicz, Manager at the Deloitte Tax Advisory office in Szczecin

Krzysztof Wojtowicz /archive/ Krzysztof Wojtowicz /archive/

Krzysztof Wojtowicz (31) has been the head of the Deloitte Tax Advisory office in Szczecin since it was established a year ago.

The manager of the Szczecin office comes from Goleniów. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He started his career at a law firm in Poznań and then moved to Warsaw to work at Deloitte. His first position was that of a consultant (the lowest in the company’s structure). He then moved to the office in Poznań. It’s been a year now that he became the head of a team of five at the Szczecin branch providing tax advisory services.

His hobbies include bike and horse riding. “In summer I would like to find a spot for horse riding near Szczecin,” says Krzysztof Wojtowicz.

Krzysztof Wojtowicz is married with two daughters - Marta, who is at primary school (in the fourth form) and Ula, who is 2.


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