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Jaśmina Solecka, director, Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre

Jaśmina Solecka /mab/ Jaśmina Solecka /mab/

Jaśmina Solecka is 33. Since January 2008, she has been the head of Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre of West Pomeranian University of Technology.

Prior to joining the Centre, from 1999, she had worked in International Programmes Bureau of Szczecin University of Technology, first as a regional consultant of European programmes, and then as a manager of Technology Transfer Section and manager of two projects: Establishing the Regional Innovation Centre and Innovation Relay Centre. From April to December 2007, she had been the acting Manager of International Programmes Office.

She graduated from Foreign Trade Faculty of Szczecin University. Her post-graduate studies include European integration at Szczecin University and Free University of Berlin and EUROPROJECT – management of initiatives co-funded by EU at Szczecin University.

During her career, she worked at Europäische Akademie Berlin on the project „Nachbarn treffen – Europa gestalten” commissioned by the German Government, took internship in the National Contact Point for Research Programmes in Vienna, and participated in approximately 100 training courses devoted to EU programmes.

She was a member of the programme committee of the project "Regional monitoring system for innovation resources and processes” and Sub-Committee Monitoring Human Capital Operational Programme and West Pomeranian Council of Information Society, as well as of the international cooperation commission of the senate of Szczecin University. She was an expert in two working groups developing "Regional Innovation Strategy for Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship”. In 2006 and 2008, she represented the voivodeship during European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels.

Jaśmina Solecka has a six-year-old son Hubert. She likes movies and is a regular guest of Szczecin Zamek and Pionier.
“For twelve years, I have not had a TV set, but I cannot live without a radio”, she says.

She often travels around the world. She likes sports, and for eight years was a professional swimmer.


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