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Sławomir Piński, the managing director of Binowo Park

Sławomir Piński, the managing director of Binowo Park /fot.: mab / Sławomir Piński, the managing director of Binowo Park /fot.: mab /
Sławomir Piński manages Binowo Park golf club that celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.  The club has almost 400 members and can be counted among the largest golf clubs in Poland. Beginning from 2000 Binowo Park Golf Club has been visited by several dozen golf tourists from Poland and abroad, mainly Swedes, Danes and Germans.
Golf-players have 18-hole championship course and 9-hole training course at their disposal as well as other exercise areas.
Binowo Park organizes golf tournaments that attract both Polish and foreign visitors. World Amateurs Golfers Championship and Szczecin Open - a tournament taking place yearly with the participation of international golf-players, are among the most important ones.  In addition, Binowo Park is known for organizing golf junior camps, integration events, conferences, seminars, corporate events and all kinds of parties.
Mini CV
Sławomir Piński was born and raised in Szczecin. He graduated from the Maritime University of Szczecin, the Faculty of Maritime Engineering. After graduation he sailed on Polsteam ships.
At first golf was just a hobby for him , but after four years of playing his pastime turned into a job. In 1997 he launched the project of building golf courses in Binowo.
Sławomir Piński was a management board member of the Polish Golf Union. He set up a branch of the European Golf Course Owners Association. At present he is the head of the Calibration – Handicap Committee at the Polish Golf Union. He has been organizing the Polish edition of World Amateur Golfers Championship for the past 15 years  , he has also founded and he manages the oldest Polish professional golf tournament -  Floating Garden Szczecin Open.
How is the business doing?
Not bad, although the expectations are much higher, especially concerning the number of golf-players which – to a considerable degree – determines the business climate in our sector. I believe that golf will soon gain in popularity in Poland.  We are catching up with Europe in various spheres - the same should be true about golf. 
* - Awful. ** - Poor. *** - Medium. **** - Good. ***** - Wonderful!
What is your inspiration?
Positive projects and successful people
Polish victories are priceless!
Travels, not only golf-related – in Europe, Asia, the US, Republic of South Africa 
I read, listen to, watch:
I read:"Paragraph 22" by Joseph Heller, books about travels
Genesis, "Invisible Touch"

Favourite film  One Flew Over The Cockoo’s Nest directed by Miloš Forman (1975)


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