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First Polish e-store with crowdfunding products - an online store selling products created with the use of funds raised from the Internet community, has been developed and is now operated by the company from Szczecin.
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As announced by’s press office, “it is the first Polish online store exclusively selling products developed through the most interesting crowdfunding campaigns”. 
There you will find different products created with the use of monetary contributions obtained through, other Polish crowdfunding platforms (,, as well as from the US. 
Approximately 100 products (books, CDs, games, gadgets, creative projects, etc.) originated from  60 campaigns  are now available from the store.   Each of them carries the name of the platform which helped develop it, a link to the successful fund collection site, indication of the amount collected and information about the number of supporters. 
The creators of products can set up their own stores and sell goods on the platform. 
“From the very beginning of our venture we believed that the end of the crowdfunding campaign should not automatically sever the beautiful connection between the creator and the community that supports them,” says Marcin Galicki, the founder of and the originator of “That is why we’ve decided to create a place where all those who believe in crowdfunding will be able to find physical evidence that online community support makes sense (the evidence being the products created with that support).
Marcin Galicki emphasizes that he would like products from all interesting Polish campaigns organized on Polish and foreign platforms to find their way to was established in 2011 as a community financing platform and it has been intensely growing ever since.  More than PLN 13 million has already been contributed through the platform to back various creative projects. The record amount donated to one project is PLN 850 thousand. has been awarded a silver medal for support to the WOŚP foundation, and Marcin Galicki has been included in the top ten of Brief magazine’s list of “50 most creative people in Poland”.
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