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Computer programming in Posejdon in two years’ time

brightONE, a company from Szczecin, will take up more than 3 thousand sqm on the third floor of the new Posejdon office building complex.  As a consequence, in two years its headcount will almost double - it will reach 500 people. brightONE will relocate from the Oxygen building to Posejdon - a new office hotel and commercial complex constructed next to Brama Portowa.
Jakub Borowczyk, CEO of brightONE /fot.: mab / Jakub Borowczyk, CEO of brightONE /fot.: mab /
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It is now official - the representatives of brightONE and Porto (the investor of the Posejdon office hotel and commercial complex) announced it last Monday.
“Our company originates from Szczecin. It is robust and it is growing.  That is why we intend to enter into a contract not only with Posejdon, but also with Szczecin,” declares Jakub Borowczyk, CEO of brightONE.
The company will occupy almost one fifth of the office space in Posejdon. According to the designs it will dispose of open space, welfare facilities and a 600-meter large terrace on the third floor. 
Jakub Borowczyk says that the company’s decision to take out the lease so early (Posejdon is scheduled to be placed into service in July 2019 and the lease agreement takes effect as from October 2019) stems from its desire to have a say in how the new premises will be designed and furnished. 
“We are aiming for an ideal fit. The space must stimulate us, inspire creativity. We want our people to work in comfort and in a prestigious location,” he adds.    
He stresses that an office located in the complex is beneficial in many respects - for instance, the company does not need to arrange its own conference room, because it will be able to use the Posejdon conference facilities.
brightOne is an ICT (information and communication technologies) company providing software engineering services for global firms, among others, from the automotive and avionic sector. It specializes in embedded technologies. 
As Jakub Borowczyk explains, brightONE’s products are used by world famous brands, e.g. in onboard control systems. The company’s solutions are employed by helicopter emergency medical services, for instance to enable communication between the pilot and a rescue worker operating in the heat of action. Football clubs test the company’s systems to monitor the parameters of their players.  The company is currently working on active driver support modules and systems to be used in self-driving cars.
At present, it employs approx. 250 people in Szczecin.
brightONE is among the first to take out a lease on the office space in Posejdon. The complex will offer the total of 50 thousand sqm, and offices and hotels (Courtyard by Marriott and Moxy) will occupy approx.  30 thousand sqm of that space. In addition, Posejdon will house a congress centre with the capacity to sit 1000 people and  more than 3 thousand sqm of commercial space (to be taken, among others, by Lidl and Super-Pharm).
Costing about PLN 220 million, the Posejdon complex has already found lessees for 60% of its leasable area. 
“Our talks with other potential lessees are already very advanced,” says Marcin Woźniak, management board member of Porto.
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