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Manufacturer of semi-trailers to extend its plant

After the finalization of its new investment in 2018, Faymonville will increase both its output and its headcount in Goleniów. The company’s plans include hiring 70 new workers, inter alia welders, toolmakers, CNC operators, assemblers, fitters and sprayers.

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“The fact is that we could sell more semi-trailers that we are now able to produce. When our project is completed, the area of the plant will increase by 15 thousand sqm and the capacity will go up by approx. 70%,” says Łukasz Żuchowski, the managing director of Faymonville Polska.
At present, the plant in Goleniów manufactures more than 60 semi-trailers for heavy-goods and specialized transport per month, and about 60 steel semi-trailer structures to be finished in Faymonville plant in Luxembourg.
Brand products manufactured in Goleniów are sold all over the world. 
Democo, a company from the Wielkopolska region which is responsible for the design and construction, started the project at the beginning of August. The works are being conducted on a plot of land directly adjacent to the company’s facility. Faymonville bought the land in 2015 from the Goleniów commune - the construction works are scheduled to finish in 1Q2018. The plant will then cover the area of 37 thousand sqm and the company will need to hire more workers.
At present Faymonville Polska employs 190 people in its Goleniów facility, and it wants to increase the headcount by 70 more after the extension is complete.
Łukasz Żuchowski says that the company has already started hiring new employees, even though a more widespread recruitment campaign will begin in 2018. Faymonville Polska plans to hire inter alia welders, toolmakers, CNC operators, assemblers, fitters and sprayers.   
Faymonville Polska has been operating in Goleniow Industrial Park since 2006. It has already successfully completed three expansion projects (in 2008, 2012 and in 2014) - among others, it built CNC construction and semi-trailer finishing floors. It is a daughter company of Faymonville AG.
Łukasz Żuchowski: “Faymonville AG is among the leading manufacturers of semi-trailers in the world and it has 50 years of experience in the industry.”  
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