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New factory floor built in Skarbimierzyce

BKF, a manufacturer of vehicle cleaning systems and touchless carwashes, has decided to extend its plant - the new factory floor will be entirely devoted to production of portal car wash equipment.
 /fot.: Mat. BKF / /fot.: Mat. BKF /
It is being built on a 9.6 thousand sq. m plot, near the current head office of BKF in Skarbimierzyce and right next to other buildings of the company. It will cover the area of 3 thousand sq. m and will additionally house a high-bay warehouse as well as office and welfare facilities.   What is more, 45 new parking places will also be added to the facility.  
The project value is ca. PLN 6 million, and it is executed by MultiProjekt from Szczecin. 
Paweł Krzych a marketing representative of BKF has informed the press that after the project is completed the company intends to extend portal carwash manufacturing.  The new factory floor will be devoted to the manufacturing of ‘the whole interior of the carwash’.
Portal carwashes are characterised by unique construction with systems of brushes (which touch car body) and driers. The system moves above a stationary vehicle. Carwashes of this type can be found at petrol stations.  
BKF is already engaged in producing portal carwashes, but after the factory floor is ready, it plans to expand this line.  
Established in 1990, BKF specializes in manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of vehicle washing systems, mainly touchless carwashes. 
“So far, we have manufactured 1500 washing systems which are operational not only in Poland but also in 19 European and Asian countries,” says Paweł Krzych. “In 2009 BKF opened its own technology division. We pioneer many innovative solutions, among others, a smart floor defrosting system and extended alarm detection diagnostics.” 
Currently, there are more than 130 people in the company’s employ and after the investment project is complete, BKF intends to increase the headcount even further.
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