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Clothes from internet in Goleniow

SmartGuy Group A/S, a Danish e-commerce company will open its own distribution centre in Goleniowski Park Przemysłowy [industrial park in Goleniów] and it plans to employ 150 persons there

SmartGuy's offices in Goleniowski Park Przemysłowy  /fot.: / SmartGuy's offices in Goleniowski Park Przemysłowy /fot.: /

SmartGuy Group A/S is a leading European online seller of fashion clothing.  It sells about a thousand different brands in the majority of European countries through the website: The Company has its branches and offices in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the UK, Russia, the Netherlands, Finland and now also in Poland.  The decision to move the storehouse from Denmark to Poland has been made in view of the company’s development.  “We need to increase our storage space in order to keep growing” – explains Nicolai Kærgaard, the managing director of SmartGuy Group A/S. “In the nearest future the competition is bound to become more severe in the sector of e-commerce in Europe.   We want to prepare ourselves to keep the position of one of the strongest fashion clothing retailers in Europe.”

“We have positive experiences as regards professional advisers, quick administrative decision-taking processes and minimum red tape involved. For those reasons we are very eager to increase our involvement in Poland” – he says. “Moreover, we also expect that the local sales levels are sure to go up”  - adds Marc Jeilman, the head of SmartGuy Group A/S.    StylePit has been making sales in Poland through for half a year now and the company has been observing a steady growth.  ”We are aiming to become the leader of e-fashion sales in Poland. We have built a partnership with Fiege - an international concern specializing in logistics and storage services.  Fiege will support StylePit Poland Sp. z o. o. in design work and in the operating a world-class storing facility where we intend to employ 150 new people starting from August this year. Through the newly-established Polish company - StylePit Poland Sp. z o. o. -  SmartGuy Group A/S has purchased a storehouse and office space located in  Goleniowski Park Przemysłowy. 

A building with the total useable floor space of 14 thousand square meters will be finished and adapted to the needs of the new owner by July 2013.   The Company already has plans to extend the building by additional 10 thousand square meters. The investment project will require the outlays of PLN 30 million.  Over the period from August till December the sports and children’s segment will be moved to Poland. In August the company will carry out the orders placed by Goleniów storehouse. All storehouse functions in Poland will be activated as from January 2014.  

West Pomeranian Investors and Exporters Service Centre has been engaged in provision of services regarding SmartGuy Group’s investment project.  Three visits were enough for the investor to decide on launching business operations in West Pomerania.  Perfect localization of Goleniowski Park Przemysłowy as well as the availability of high-standard storehouse facility proved decisive.   The first contact with the investor was initiated thanks to cooperation the Embassy of Denmark in Poland.


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