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Steel Stargard

Van Heyghen Stal Polska Sp. z o.o. will build a steel processing factory in Stargardzki Park Przemysłowy (Stargard Industrial Park)

Henri van Heyghen in Stargard (2nd from the left) /arch/ Henri van Heyghen in Stargard (2nd from the left) /arch/

The company is planning to begin the investment with a steel processing plant and then to construct a steel hardening installation.The operations of the plant will involve cutting, grinding and finishing of metal parts and selling them to end users, such as manufacturers of cranes, containers or construction companies.

On 1 June, the company purchased a one-hectare plot of land in Stargard. Commencement of the investment is planned on January 2010. Van Heyghen Stal Polska is going to construct a production hall of at least 10 thousand sq.m. and install two production lines there. The hall will be equipped with two lifts: one of 40 ton capacity for moving of metal parts, the other of 20 ton capacity used to load cut metal bars on trucks. An office and platform scales will be constructed near the plant.

The investor projects to employ approximately 70 people in the project commencement stage (assuming that two production lines will be built). Each subsequent line will provide additional 35 jobs.

The estimated initial value of the investment is EUR 15 to 17 million.

Firma Van Heyghen Staal (the parent company of the investor) was founded by Henri Van Heyghen in 1989 and moved to Evergem near Ghent, Belgium. Its core business involves steel processing. Its manufacturing operations began in a hall of 10 thousand sq.m. At present, the business involves three production halls of 30 thousand sq.m. each and employs approximately 300 people.


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