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Carwash producer to start investment project near Szczecin

Ehrle intends to extend and revamp its distribution centre.  It plans to coordinate its investment projects undertaken in more than a dozen countries, from Sweden to Georgia, from this very location.
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A modern building will be erected at ul. Warzymice 45 - what will be found there?
“More than 600 sq. m of office space, over 4500 sq. m of warehouse, maintenance, assembly and training rooms. The warehouse will be equipped with state-of-the-art automated assembly and management systems. The building will be a passive structure,” explains Jerzy Bobrowicz, chairman of the board, Ehrle Sp. z o.o.
The construction works began in June and their completion is scheduled for the end of the year.  Manilo of Szczecin acts as the main contractor, and Maciej Wańkowski is responsible for the design.
Ehrle is a German company originating form Illertissen, Bavaria. It specializes in producing self-service touchless carwashes. 
“Bavaria is where our three modern plants are located - from there, new pieces of equipment are exported every day to more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia and even Africa.  Regional distribution centres have been established in 20 countries.  Recently, the company opened a branch in Leeds, the UK,” says Sylwia Szamocka from the marketing division of Ehrle sp. z o.o. 
The Polish branch was set up in Szczecin in 2004. At the turn of years 2007/2008 the company relocated to Warzymice. Several years later a sales office was opened in Warsaw.
In Warzymice the company has its office buildings, factory storage and a management centre.  Its distribution and maintenance facility also operates from Wawrzymice.  
“Considering the dynamics of our growth in Poland, the maintenance and distribution centre needs to be redesigned and extended,” explains Sylwia Szamocka. “Ehrle is the largest European producer of self-service carwashes. The branch in Warzymice coordinates investment projects undertaken not only all over Poland but also in Russia, the Baltic countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Moldavia and Georgia.
Ehrle has installed more than 1300 self-service carwash facilities in Poland alone. 
Jerzy Bobrowicz, the CEO: “We are currently at the stage of designing a large model self-service carwash facility to be located vis-a-vis Ehrle’s headquarters - it will unquestionably make live easier for the inhabitants of Przecław.
The model carwash will be equipped with the latest solutions of the manufacturer and it will be available to the general public.  
The Ehrle Group employs more than 750 people in Europe and it has several dozen employees in Poland, more than half of whom work in Warzymice.
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