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The LNG terminal in Świnoujście to be extended

After the works are completed its capacity will increase from 5 billion to 7.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas per annum.
 /fot.: Archiwum mat. Gaz-System / /fot.: Archiwum mat. Gaz-System /
Gaz-System S.A. confirms on its website that the decision about extending the terminal has already been approved, but the concern does not specify the exact date of commencing the investment. 
The company is contemplating various options, inter alia constructing one more ship station, the third LNG container and a siding that will make it possible to reload LNG for railway transport.
GAZ–SYSTEM is also conducting an analysis in respect of adding new functionalities.  
"Our analysestake into account the plans to expand the LNG market in Poland and the region of Central and Eastern Europe.  The Company recognises the potential of liquefied natural gas used as fuel - it wants to develop the services of LNG loading and bunkering ships, as well as direct delivery of liquefied natural gas to clients using road and railway transport," provides the Company in its statement. 
Gaz-System is an operator of industrial gas transmission network, the owner of Polskie LNG S.A., set up to build and operate the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Świnoujście. At present both companies cooperate to prepare a tender for the initial design, and work towards obtaining the environmental approval and building construction permit for the project.
"LNG is among the most promising fuel resources on the dynamically changing market of Central and Eastern Europe.  With the expansion of the terminal in Świnoujście we will become an active player on this market," says Tomasz Stępień, the CEO of Gaz-System.  "As a result, we will gain a foothold for collection and transmission of gas which will improve the competitive power of the Polish terminal.  Considering the current technological progress in the LNG sector and with implementation of innovative solutions, Gaz-System will be able to select the optimum path for development of its infrastructure and terminal services.  In this way will fully take advantage of the market potential of the region," he adds.
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