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How to prevent job burnout?

More than 40 women filling leadership functions in West Pomeranian companies took part in a workshop focused on job burnout prevention organized by Deloitte SheXO Club.
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The workshop took place in the Dana hotel on 21 April. It was conducted by Karolina Hajdukiewicz representing BlueAmber and the Szczecin Competence Centre. Karolina Hajdukiewicz specializes in business and leadership psychology, she is an experienced HR manager and consultant.  Currently, she is also acting as a Mentor and Executive Coach commissioned by companies and institutions. 
The workshop covered, inter alia, the following issues: the true motivators and how to use them, how to prevent job burnout both in our subordinates and in ourselves,  how to enhance employees who are driven by the desire to accomplish something, and how to approach go-getters who  want power and dominance, how to spot the difference between a hard-working enthusiast and a workaholic,  what neurotic perfectionism is and how to differentiate it form diligence, and finally, what to do when we have trouble delegating because we believe we do everything best ourselves. 
Female leaders from West Pomerania also learned that the stress leading to job burnout may occur regardless of the profession practised and position occupied - in other words, it may happen to employees from the lowest levels in the hierarchy, who perform easy routine tasks.  In such instances the stress results not only form the job performed but also from how it is perceived by others, e.g. it may be associated with lack of respect.
The belief that job burnout may only happen to older, tired and experienced employees is a myth - the age threshold is lowering. According to Karolina Hajdukiewicz, clinical research and observations confirm that the job burnout syndrome increasingly often affects young people who are only on the verge of their professional careers.  
She advised how to enhance and motivate subordinates - good methods include among others, clear promotion paths, increase of autonomy and scopes of duties, opportunities for professional and competence development, flexible working timetable, and due recognition of good work, even if tasks are minor. 
She also suggested methods of how to boost strength and take care of our health and needs to avoid burnout. 
Deloitte SheXO clubs heve been active in a number of Polish cities, since 2011. Deloitte founded them for women who occupy managerial positions and serve on management boards.  
"Our objective was to create a platform for women to share their experience, get to know each other and develop their team leadership competencies," says Iwona Urbańska, Deloitte.
The Deloitte SheXO club in Szczecin has been operational for more than three years now. 
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