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Drobimex to increase its output and introduce new packaging

The investment consisting in modernisation and extension of Drobimex facilities in Szczecin Dąbie and Goleniów, worth over PLN 200 million, will be finalized in the summer.  The company has already started to increase production, extend its offer, and it has introduced new types of packaging.
Drobimex /fot.: Mat. Drobimex / Drobimex /fot.: Mat. Drobimex /
After the investment is completed the total area occupied by both plants will increase by more than 9 thousand square meters. The new facilities will be equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing lines. 
According to the company's press release, the modernisation of the enterprise is financed from the investment loan contracted for that purpose and the company's own funds. It is the largest investment project of the PHW concern undertaken outside Germany. 
The project is scheduled to finish in the summer. The company is gradually increasing its production and it has started marketing new products.  
Currently it offers circa 80 types of deli meats, and sells approx. a ton of them every month.  Drobimex also sells about 3300 tons of raw meat. 
"We have introduced new packaging so as to increase the brand recognisability and more adequately respond to the needs of our consumers and people interested in healthy lifestyle and nutrition.  In the wake of our efforts, the production and sale of pre-sliced deli meats has increased by more than 45 %," comments the spokesperson for Drobimex. 
Changes in the packaging primarily concern the colours used (green is now dominant) as well as the placement and level of detail of the nutrition information (e.g. high meat and low fat content). Certified gluten-free products carry the generally recognized crossed grain symbol - as many as 28 products have received the certificate awarded by the Polish Coeliac Society. Drobimex has also reduced the content of curing salt and the use of mono-sodium glutamate. 
Klaus Roppel, the president of the company, comments on the new symbols placed on the packaging: "This kind of information is important for the consumers of today who increasingly want to eat healthy. Giving nutrition information the prominent place on the package helps underline the high quality of our products.”  
Beginning from this year, a new product called Mozaika z kurcząt has been added to the Drobiowe Specjały line and it is sold in the new packaging too. At present, the line consists of 11 pre-sliced products eight of which are gluten-free. 
Drobimex sells its meats all over Poland, through the largest commercial networks, local networks of stores and in small shops.  Approx.  30% of its output is exported, inter alia to the UK, France, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Azerbaijan.
The enterprise employs about  800 people. 
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