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Danish company takes over the entire Szczecin Business Plaza

Instead of four office buildings, Szczecin Business Plaza at ul. Poludniowa will consist of two smaller and one large structure that will also fit the purposes of light manufacturing and warehousing. These changes in the design have been made to factor in the needs of the lessee.

 /fot.: Agatrans Multi Projekt / /fot.: Agatrans Multi Projekt /
Agatrans Multi Projekt from Szczecin is the investor. The building construction works have been in progress since the beginning of the year. 
Originally, it was planned that four office buildings would be erected, two by the end of the third quarter 2017 (the first stage of the investment), and two more at stage 2 -  approx. 11 thousand sq. m in total. They were to be leased for offices and the investment value was estimated at circa PLN 30 million.
“As soon as the first stage of the building construction works started we got in touch with a company that decided to lease the whole building complex,” says Łukasz Król, development manager, Agatrans Multi Projekt Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. “That is why we have altered our original concept. The changes will prolong the works,  but the final outcome is sure to meet all the needs of the lessee.”  
As initially intended, two office buildings will be constructed during the first stage of the project. 
“Their internal structures are already finished. We have already begun fitting the windows and all internal systems, the roofing and façade will be ready within a month. Our plan is to finish the buildings before the year-end and place them into service in January,” says Łukasz Król. “We are also just starting the second stage of the project, but this is where we will need to divert from the initial plans. Instead of two buildings, we will erect only one, albeit bigger. It will house offices and space fit to meet the requirements of light manufacturing and machinery.  With these modifications, the building will be larger, approx. 16 thousand sq. m in total. 
Łukasz Król is reluctant to let us in on what business will be moving to Szczecin Business Plaza. “We will make this information public in two weeks, after the official signing of the lease contract. I can only say that it is a Dutch company representing the sector of electronics,” he says.    
Szczecin Business Plaza has been designed by IDS Architekci. 
According to the amended schedule, all construction works will be finalized by the end of 2018. 
Agatrans Multi Projekt is a daughter-company of Multi Projekt which has been operating for over 20 years now. It specialises in preparation of comprehensive design documentation and carrying out turn-key projects related to warehousing, manufacturing and office steel, wooden and reinforced concrete structures. So far, it has designed over 500 thousand sq. m of space, and at present it is managing 11 investment projects.
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