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AX Technology will construct a warehouse and develop manufacturing

The manufacturer of satellite, terrestrial, cable and Internet TV tuners and accessories from Szczecin is going to relocate its entire manufacturing to ul. Modra.
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 AX Technology is a family business established in 2013 by Tadeusz Grab and Łukasz Grab.
The founders and the management both gained experience working for a different company. “We have been in this business for the past 26 years,” says president Ryszard Grab, who is Łukasz’s father and Tadeusz’s brother.
They started from selling satellite TV.  Tuners and accessories for receiving satellite, terrestrial, cable and Internet transmission still constitute the core of the company’s business. AX Technology also produces TV and radio receivers - all parts and sub-assemblies are manufactured by plants located in China. 
At present the company is in the process of extending its offering - in June and in autumn new product series are to be launched.  That is why more storage space is needed and a new warehouse is being erected.
“It will be a modern logistics centre - we want to maximize the use of the warehouse space. Retractable racks will be pressed closely together and when we will need to take out a specific product, the relevant alleyway will automatically expand. This system will enable us to store twice as many goods as when using the regular storage system,” says President Ryszard Grab. “The project value is ca. PLN 4 million.
There will also be 320 sq. m of additional office space on the floor above the warehouse.
The facility has been designed by Krzysztof Kryzar, and NOPI located at ul. Dobra will be responsible for building construction.
AX Technology uses several locations:  its head office is at ul. Modra 62 in Bezrzecze (the warehouse hall discussed above will be built at that address), its TV and satellite tuner assembly plant and logistics warehouse are at ul. Chmielewskiego in Pomorzany, and the company has one more warehouse at ul.  Słoneczna in Wołczkowo.
“After we complete this investment, we will be able to give up the lease of the facility at ul.  Chmielewskiego and move the entire production to Bezrzecze,” explains Ryszard Grab. 
The company is very meticulous about preserving high quality, so all assembly works are carried out in Szczecin.
“We also use proprietary software,” says Ryszard Grab. “We developed our own brands that have already earned some recognition in Europe: Opticum, Univision, Ankaro and Sloth. We sell products to more than 20 European countries, inter alia to Germany, Croatia and Greece.  After the recent Hannover Messe industrial innovation fair we have also received several inquiries from other countries, such as India, whereas the Dubai fair started our negotiations with companies from the United Arab Emirates.
This year AX Technology went to Hannover Messe as part of a group representing the region, at the invitation of the marshal and the Exporters’ and Investors’ Assistance Centre in West Pomerania. 
The companies making up the group attracted a lot of attention, not only because of the value of their flagship products, but also thanks to their innovative approach and ideas. In 2014 AX Technology launched production of popcorn vending machines under the brand: Mr. Popic. The company also sells patented self-extinguishing ashtrays under the Ecosmokers brand.
“We apply for patents only in respect of our most innovative ideas.  We hold a patent for a digital terrestrial TV antenna that receives signal even if the transmitter is 30-40 kilometres away,” says Ryszard Grab.
The company has won many prizes and has been praised in foreign trade journals that test and rate equipment. Among others, in 2016 it received the SAT Kurier Award for the best NTC receiver and the best HD/UHD receiver (announced during Sat Krak Expo in Krakow), and was nominated in several other categories, such as the Innovation of the year for the converter that simultaneously receives transmission from three satellites.
“We are constantly in motion, we are always striving to invent, enhance, improve our product offering,” underlines Ryszard Grab. “We have invented a three-tuner TV set with a CI+ module pocket which does not require additional decoders or remote controls. After the purchase of the TV package you just insert the CI+ module card into the appropriate slot within the TV and you can watch television using just one remote control. In June, just before the vacation season, we are planning to launch a new series of portable TV sets charged through the cigarette lighter outlet - we have just finished their testing phase.  In autumn the company will start selling DAB digital radio tuners.  We are also working on a new product line - home air purifiers.
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