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A plant owned by a Polish company has been opened in Prenzlau, Germany

Boryszew S.A. from Poland has established an automotive parts' production facility in Prenzlau - a town in Brandenburg, Germany, which is only 60 kilometres away from Szczecin. The enterprise employs about  350 people, including several dozen Poles.
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"The plant was officially opened on 19 April," says Michał Kujawski, the spokesmen for the Boryszew Group.
The Boryszew Oberflächentechnik Deutschland GmbH plant in Prenzlau specializes in the manufacturing of galvanized plastic elements used in automotive interior parts. 
According to the information published on the company's website, the value of the investment has reached EUR 22 million, which makes it one of the largest Polish greenfield investment projects carried out in Germany.  "The shop floor covering the area  of 14.5 thousand square meters houses one of the most modern production lines in Europe. It is used for galvanizing plastic components and has the annual capacity of 400 thousand square meters of galvanized surface.  The elements processed by the factory are then used by makes such as Audi, BMW, Daimler and Toyota".
"Our new plant in Prenzlau will fill an instrumental role considering the anticipated growth of the automotive segment," says Jarosław Michniuk, the president of the management board of Boryszew S.A. "This way we have increased our production capacity of galvanized components fourfold, we have also improved efficiency thanks to the high competencies of our staff and the latest manufacturing solutions,” he adds. 
Lutz Suhrbier the manager of the Prenzlau plant, points out that Boryszew is one of the most important employers in the region.  
In the past, Boryszew had a production facility in Prenzlau, but it burned down in the fire of 2015.
Michał Kujawski, the spokesperson for the Boryszew Group, stresses that the enterprise wanted to rebuild the factory in the same location because of the characteristics of the automotive industry (contracts of specific intermediaries with specific plants are as crucial as the logistics and timeliness of supplies), and the know-how. "We have really experienced specialists in Prenzlau - the capabilities possessed by many of them are quite unique," he says.  
Boryszew S.A. is among the largest industrial groups in Poland. Apart from automotive parts, its focus is on processing of non-ferrous metals and on chemical sector. The Boryszew Group has 30 plants in Europe, Asia, North and South America and it employs almost 10,000 people. 
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